The Opera House world – distinctive features of our day care centre:

  • Daily singing combined with movement

  • Monthly introduction to instruments by opera employees

  • Independent practice with music instruments

  • Musical accompaniment of daily rituals (brushing teeth, sitting at table, etc.)

  • Daily music-based play with pictures (for the older children)

  • Some sequences are accompanied by classical music

  • At 3- to 4-month intervals: becoming familiar with the Zurich Opera house (dressmaking, main stage, opera hall, orchestra pit, workshop, costume department, etc.)

  • Annual charity concert at the Zurich Opera (well-known fairy tales)

  • Annual Advent bazaar at the Zurich Opera, including sale of the children’s own creations (handicraft and baked goods).


  • Daily outdoor activities to enhance the children’s motor skills

  • Setting up of individual indoor exercise courses

  • Opportunity to use the gym in the community centre (G/) Riesbach at 2- to 3-week intervals on Thursday afternoons (children who attend our courses on other days are also welcome to sign up)

  • Daily outdoor activities on public playgrounds aimed at introducing the children to a variety of motor skills  (climbing, balancing, sliding, swinging, etc.)

  • Various water games in our own courtyard


  • Discovering forest life

  • Regular visits to the zoo during the warmer time of year on Tuesday afternoons (children attending our day care centre on other days are also welcome to sign up) 

  • Observing animals living near the lake

  • Different destinations  (animal park, boat rides, discovering the environment surrounding rivers etc.)

  • Becoming familiar with the animal world (aviary, farm, zoological museum, different community centres of the City of Zurich, etc.)

Parental work:

  • Annual review on the child’s level of development

  • Annual summer party

  • Educational parent’s evening

  • General Assembly (background information and exchange between the board and the parents)

  • Providing assistance for the Advent bazaar and a range of other activities